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Seeking to be a true partner to clients
TIS Chiyoda Systems Inc. delivers services closely connected to the services of its clients as a true partner, utilizing excellent project management skills and a deep understanding of the underlying services. Of note, in the areas of processing plants and design, procurement and construction projects, the company provides an extensive menu of solutions, from manufacturing and construction site services to corporate management, as one of Japan's foremost professional groups.

For petrochemical businesses
We build systems related to production / overall operation at plants,
including those for monitoring supply and demand, production plans
and actual production. In addition, we apply digital technology, namely,
IoT and AI, to plant lifecycles--that is, design, construction, operation
and maintenance of facilities--to link data groups scattered JIGYO_1.jpeg
throughout a plant and thereby make operations safer and ensure stable
production and manufacturing.

For pharmaceuticals businesses
We draw on knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices to build
manufacturing execution systems (MES), supervisory
control and data acquisition (SCADA) and historian systems
for pharmaceutical plants and support computer system validation.
We actively support measures to help Japanese pharmaceutical
companies establish a presence overseas and to deal with government JIGYO_2.jpg
agency approvals.

Enterprise Project Management business
We help solve issues of concern to operators of processing plants,
railway systems, ports, urban development and other social
infrastructure projects and businesses by supporting the establishment
of a project management framework and execution of services to a
global standard.
Our support is extensive, covering such aspects as management accounting, JIGYO_3.jpeg
process / cost / resource management, design documents, procurement,
contract management and construction progress monitoring.

For Chiyoda Corporation
We provide full support, from development / configuration to
maintenance / operation on a wide range of information systems,
covering corporate systems, project systems and IT infrastructure systems
for Chiyoda.
We are actively involved in digital transformation and play a key role in
sharpening Chiyoda's competitive edge.