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2020/10/01 Greetings from the establishment of a new company

TIS Chiyoda Systems, Inc. opened a new chapter in its corporate history in October 2020, as a member of the TIS INTEC Group. 
For many years, the company has drawn on the power of IT, fueled by high-level project management skills and a broad range of solutions, to support the development of domestic leaders, including Chiyoda Corporation, who are engaged in processing-based manufacturing, such as the petrochemical, and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as companies in the engineering and manufacturing sectors that are involved in international projects.
Looking at the digital transformation megatrend that has emerged in recent years, TIS Chiyoda Systems aims to be an industry-leading provider of solutions. And the company will boldly embrace opportunities for further growth by building on a base of industry-specific insights and experience and a deep understanding of IT services accumulated to date and by capitalizing on new possibilities afforded through collaboration with other members of the TIS INTEC Group that possess leading-edge technologies and overall capabilities.
The whole concept of society is in for major change. This includes the activities of our corporate clients, specifically, the energy sector. To address this paradigm shift, we will translate the experience into the highest improvement in value and, through value exchange with our clients, we will contribute to the creation of a comfortable, sustainable society of the future.

You can expect great things from TIS Chiyoda Systems.

October 2020
Fumiyasu Mase
President, TIS Chiyoda Systems Inc.